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Preparing for Cisco exams.
  • More than 100 free questions to help you pass Cisco CCENT and CCNA (ICND1 and ICND2). 
  • Candidates will need to use a range of materials such as books, simulated exams, video tutorials, network simulation software, etc.  Check out forums for advice about which books to use.  Many recommend the official Cisco Press books by Wendell Odom, which cover the ICND1 and ICND2 syllabus and no more. 
  • The format of the questions is not the same as real Cisco exams so they should not be used as an indicator of your readiness for an exam.  
  • Cisco wants students to be really confident and quick at subnetting.  Make sure you can identify the subnet address, broadcast address, and range of usable addresses for any given address and mask combination.  In the exam you will need to be able to do subnetting calculations quickly and get them correct first time  -  if you can do this you will score some easy marks.
  • Prepare for a question or two that freaks you out - maybe because you think you should know the answer but don't, or maybe because you just haven't studied for it.  Everyone gets at least one of these, so keep calm, make your best guess, then move on.
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